PRE-SALE Chicken, Broiler
PRE-SALE Chicken, Broiler
Freedom Ranger Chickens
This item is not presently for sale, please check back when ordering is open.
About the Breed: Freedom Ranger Chickens are a moderate-growing breed that love to explore, scratch & dust-bathe outside. As a result, you will find the meat juicy, tender with a higher amount of omega-3.
Unlike other fast-growing breeds, the Freedom Ranger Chickens grow slower but healthier and have a higher meat density with rich flavours. Love chicken broth? These chickens will give you the creamy, yellow-colored, savory broth you are dreaming about. For these reasons, breeds like the 'Freedom Ranger' are enjoyed by high-end chefs, connoisseurs, and those wanting to feel more smug about their food choices!

The Cream Of The Flock!

Our birds are first raised in our cozy & luxurious barn until they are old enough (about 4 weeks old) to enjoy our stimulating and spacious outdoor range. Our customers are happy to know that our chickens are fed a diet free of corn, soy, and GMOs.

When: Our chicken will be ready for pick up late July.

What will you get: 1 box of FRESH approximately 6-8 birds, averaging 4-7 lbs each.

Please note: We are currently NOT pre-selling smaller amounts as our processor is no longer offering this service. So work with friends/family to share a box if necessary!

How much: We require a $100 deposit. When the birds are ready for pick-up, we will calculate the final price based on the weight of the box you receive.

Cost: $6-7 per pound (due to volatile feed prices, we cannot finalise yet) - $100 deposit.

Discounts: 5% off on multiple boxes

Please email or contact us for any specific questions or requests.
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